Sports Premium Grant

Holbrook Primary School appreciates the contribution that PE and School sports to the health and well-being of its pupils.

Please read the information below which gives details of our Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


PE and sports premium for primary schools

The proposed spending is was approved by the governing body’s Resource Management Committee meeting in October.

Past Sports Premium Funding.

Sports Premium 2016

Sports Premium 2015

Sports Premium 2014

End of KS2 Swimming.

Due to an issue with the pool roof at Foxford School – Swimming is taking place at Lyng Hall School this year.  This does mean that rather than being able to take 3 classes each week we can only manage 2.  We will be carefully monitoring the effect this has on the swimming in Year 4. 

During their time pupils will develop water confidence and start to learn to swim.  Please don’t worry if your child is nervous as many of our pupils have never been in a swimming pool before or can swim.  Over the year they will make huge improvements some going from complete non swimmers to reaching the 25m swim standard!  For many it becomes their favourite lesson in Year 4.

Becoming water confident and able to swim is very important which is why the school subsidises the cost, however regular swimming and private lessons especially at a younger age really help.  Now the AT7 centre has a swimming pool it is definitely worth taking your children or getting them private  lessons.

If you are able to travel further there are also lessons in the City Centre at the pool on Fairfax Street at the bottom of the Foleshill Road.