Our Vision & Aims

Our journey to success..

Working together to be the BEST

The staff, governors and parents have a shared vision for all children to achieve the BEST

• That all children Believe in themselves – have pride, show respect towards others, celebrate their heritage and that of others

• That all children enjoy and are Enthusiastic about learning – work together and share with others the exciting things that they are learning about or experiencing in school and in the community

• That all children have Stickability – have resilience when facing new challenges and face them with confidence, determination and independence

• That all children have high aspirations, clear Targets for life – know what they want to achieve, how to get there and go for it, taking responsibility for their own learning

New Year’s Resolution

At Holbrook school we have a tradition of pupils and staff setting a New Year’s Resolution for the school to make the school and even better place to learn. Click here to find out more.