My name is Ruth Westbrook and I was appointed as the Chairperson of Holbrook Primary School’s Governing Body in April 2014.

I am retired now but have worked in education all my working life including 18 years as the headteacher of a Coventry school. Most recently, I have worked with a number of schools across The Midlands, helping them to improve. I have grown-up children and four grandchildren, all of whom maintain my keen interest in children’s learning. I live near the school, and am very pleased to be able to serve such a good school in my local community.

Governors get to know the school well and are keen to ensure that the education provided for all our pupils is of the highest quality. We check that policies and procedures are in place to keep pupils safe and ensure that all our pupils achieve as well as they possibly can.

Board of Governors

Authority Governor
Ruth Westbrook (Chair)

Parent Governor
Dina Pole-Szafranek (Vice Chair)
Katie Watts
Steve Clowes

Tamara McCarthy (Head teacher)

Daniel Connolly

Nicki Kelsall

Co-opted Governors

Catherine Winton (Community)

Ana-Maria Manole (Parent)

Denise Campbell (Parent)

Razia Bibi (Parent)


All governors have a four year term of office. The details of when they started their current term of office are shown in the details below.

Ruth Westbrook
Elected May 2013
Chair of Governors
Authority Governor
Tamara McCarthy
Elected Sep 2014
Staff Governor

Parent Governor

Katie Watts
Elected Sept 2012
Parent Governor
Razia Bibi
Elected May 2014
Parent Governor
Steve Clowes
Elected May 2015
Parent Governor

Community Governor

Catherine Winton
Elected Sept 2019
LA Governor

Staff Governor

Daniel Connolly
Elected Sept 2016
Teacher Governor

Governors Code of Practice 2015 Revised

Find out more about why we have a Governing Board, Committees and Working Groups.

A Table of Governors Information and Duties 2019.