Home Learning.

Home Learning.

Below is a link to all the blogs where teachers will be posting up work for pupils to complete at home as the school is closed due to Covid-19.

It is great if pupils want to comment on the school blog, or send an e-mail to the teachers showing the work that they have done at home.

Each year group has it’s own page and e-mail address that they will reply to as soon as they can between 8am and 3pm during the school week.

A physical start to the day!

Getting some structure to the school day at home and doing something that others in our school community is really important. Being stuck inside not mixing with others can be tricky so we would love everyone to try the #PEWithJoe.


This is a free 30 minute home work out for pupils from early years to sixth form – even parents can join in.

Year 1’s Blog.

ContactYear1@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk to send us an email.

Year 2’s Blog

ContactYear2@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk to send us an email.

Year 3’s Blog

ContactYear3@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk to send us an email.

Year 4’s Blog

ContactYear4@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk to send us an email.

Year 5’s Blog

ContactYear5@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk to send us an email.

Year 6’s Blog

ContactYear6@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk to send us an email.

Reception’s Blog

ContactReception@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk to send us an email.

Nursery’s Blog

ContactNursery@holbrook.coventry.sch.uk to send us an email.

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