Sea Creatures

Today we were learning about sea creatures. We made a list of all the ones we knew and discussed some that are not real, just from story books.

We did some information finding using the internet and answered some of the children’s questions as well as looking at photographs of the sea creatures and videos linked to information.

Penguins swimming underwater, catfish, jellyfish and starfish to name a few.

What can your child tell you about creatures under the sea? What information can you find? Can you use information books? Can you use the internet?

Who’s been eating our porridge?

This morning we have been making porridge and walked to the wood while it was cooling down.  When we got back someone had tipped the baby chair over and Goldilocks was sleeping in the bed.  We ROARED very loudly and she was taken to Mrs Henry.

Talk about the Goldilocks story at home

Ask who was in the story?

What happened in the story?

Can’t touch it!

One of the tricky things to do is learning to type! Just like writing with a pen and paper proper typing skills make work much quicker and easier as you don’t need to think about where the letters are.

So over the next few weeks we will be learning to touch type. It would be really good if you can practice at home as it will help you become even better.

Hips like Shakira indeed

Today the year 2 teachers were able to go in and watch the children’s dance lesson, and what a treat it was!

The children have been learning this dance with their dance teacher each Friday since coming back to school and they are already amazing.

They all know that before any exercise they must warm up and stretch… Then the fun begins!