Remote Learning Nursery

Learning for children who are self isolating in Nursery

We are sorry that your child cannot be in school due to self isolation, however if they are feeling well learning is available for your child to complete.

Learning will be provided in 2 ways:


A work pack either sent home with your child or delivered in the post.

Online Learning

We are using Google Classrooms to post links to activities you can try with your child.

Each day we would like children to complete an activity from each class, these activities should not take long and will be fun to do together. Once completed you can take a photo or video and this can be turned in on Google classrooms for your child’s teacher to see.

How does my child access Google Classrooms?

All the children have been allocated a school Google Account, the details will be sent home but in case they have misplaced the login details for each child are very simple.


The password links to the child’s date of birth DD/MM/YY and takes the format:


Make sure that the capital letter P is used for Password!

So for John Smith, whose birthday is 16th June – it would be


On a desktop or laptop you will need to log into Google Classrooms on Google Chrome and select the correct Classroom.

If you only have access to a tablet or phone, download the free Google Classroom and Google Meet Apps to access learning.

If you need any help with logging in please mail 

I do not have a device for my child to access online learning?

If you have access to the internet and wifi, school can provide a Chromebook for the duration of your child’s self isolation. Please contact school and we will arrange for you to have a device.

What to do if you cannot join Google Classrooms because you do not have wifi access for a device.

Each child is provided with a work pack containing learning for your child to complete.

This should be completed over the week and a new pack will be posted out for the second week.

Once back in school, your child can bring their learning in for the teacher to see.


It is important that your child listens to a story everyday, so please try to read them a book that they enjoy.

What happens if my child’s bubble is closed for self isolation?

In the event of a class being closed there will be a class assembly every school day with a message from a member of staff asking how your child is, they will also explain the learning for the day.

This will be held in the Collective Time class, just click to join. It is always a good idea to join the meeting with mute on!

During this period of self isolation, you will be able to communicate directly with staff on google classrooms using the chat function in the lesson during this time.

We look forward to seeing your child back in school soon.