Current Newsletter.

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Monday 9th December

Firefighters visit Year 4

4:30pm Full Governors Meeting

Tuesday 10th

2:30pm Year 2,4 & 6 BEST Assembly

Wednesday 11th

Wintery Wednesday

This coming Wednesday instead of wearing your school sweatshirt dig out your Christmas jumpers, wintery dresses or snowman earrings to join in our Festive day.
If you do not want to come in a Christmas jumper, you can come in a winter themed jumper, a Christmas onesie, a Christmas hat or even tinsel wrapped around you.

Thursday 12th

Dodgeball Tournament

Choir at the Hospital Carol Singing

Year 4 Swimming

Friday 13th

Year 1 & 2 Panto Visit—Later return to school.

Mrs McCarthy’s Message.

Helping at home.

Over the last two weeks lots of teachers have made  comments in BEST Assembly about how pupil reading and doing bits of work at home has really helped their learning in school.  These comment match what I see each week from some pupils as they bring in some amazing and creative homework.

One of the easiest and simplest ways of helping your child at home with their learning, that would help across all their learning is READING. It is such an important skill that we use across all aspects of the curriculum.  Just a quarter of an hour each day hearing your child read and asking them questions about their book or magazine that they are reading, would really help them. This is as true for Year 6 pupils as it is for Reception children.  Every child has a home reading diary so you can record their  reading each day.  You don’t have to make a comment each day, sometimes a smiley face or just signing your name will be enough.  However, you might like to give more information, telling the teacher if your child enjoyed the book, how well they read it or if they found it quite hard, could they answer any questions that you asked? You can even use this section to list down new / unfamiliar words your child finds as they read, then with your child you can look them up in a dictionary or on the web, supporting  extending their vocabulary.