Current Newsletter.

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Monday 18th November

Boys and Girls after school football club cancelled.

Tuesday 19th November

2:30pm Year 1, 3, 5 BEST Assembly

Wednesday 20th November

Nursery Walk  Shopping Trip

Thursday 21st November

No Year 4 Swimming
Anglo Saxon Day – Year 4

Friday 22nd November

Mrs McCarthy’s Message.

What do you want to be?

What a great idea the school council had for Children in Need—Aspirations Day.  It was amazing to see a marvellous range of outfits and so many homemade ones reflecting jobs and careers pupils would like to do when they are older. 

As adults, we know that over the years our job aspirations change.  What we think we want to be when we are 4 years old can be very different to when we are 18!  However, what is clear (from the many jobs that pupils have said that they would like to do) require a good solid education to build on. So! Please! Support your child in coming to school every day and on time, making sure that your child has the BEST possible life choices in their adult life so that they can fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

At Holbrook School we want every child to do their BEST on each and every day that they spend with us.  The teachers take a lot of time to plan an exciting curriculum, developing your children’s knowledge and equally as importantly, encouraging the skills of learning.  Whilst the science knowledge you gain at 7 years old may not be what you need to become a doctor, the skills of learning, investigation and being inquisitive are essential and will stand all pupils ( no matter what they want to be) in good stead for whatever career they want to pursue in their future life.  Who knows! In 20 years time some of our pupils may return as adults to Holbrook Primary School in their chosen profession – architects, heating engineers or even teachers.